Provider male vs player male dating

Posted by / 16-Aug-2017 00:28

“Game” is a collection of socially-based tactics and reproducible behaviors that increase a man’s sexual attractiveness to women and therefore his access to reproduction.It can range from a trivial aid like an opening line that starts a conversation with a woman in an interesting manner to a physical move that escalates intimacy in the bedroom in a way that is most likely to lead to sex.

It aims to aid men living in Westernized nations that lack qualities such as classical virtue, masculinity in males, femininity in females, and objectivity, especially concerning beauty ideals and human behavior.

If rape laws tighten against men, more women will use false rape accusations as a weapon to punish men, alleviate feelings of sexual guilt, attract the attention of high-status men, or get out of being caught cheating.

If domestic violence laws tighten, women will use that as a weapon to control their husbands.

While men don’t belong in coal mines or on oil rigs, they do a better job at digging minerals from the earth and raising it above ground.

Creating government programs or propaganda that aim to show women can be coal miners and firefighters as good as men is a foolish, politically correct behavior that comes from a false notion (“men and women are equal”) that cannot ever be made true without us evolving into a new species.

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